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Game Client Download

System requirements to play Fallen Evolution

Minimum system requirements :

Operating Systems: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8,Mac Using Wine, Linux using Wine.

  • Pentium 233 Mhz, 32 MB RAM
  • 1 MB RAM video card
  • 80 MB Hard drive or more
  • Direct x 7.0 or above
  • and an internet connection

Wine Configuration (For Mac & Linux users):

Open Wine Config-->Click "Drives" tab-->Click "C:"-->Then "Show Advanced"-->Change the "Label" to anything and change the "Serial" to anything other than "0".

  Fallen Evolution does not work with Norton please uninstall it use a better anti-virus such as Avast, AVG Free, or Microsoft Security Essentials and many others to play Fallen Evolution. Note: A white screen will appear if you have Norton installed on certain systems.

Norton anti-virus is currently ranked #11 in anti virus protection and is one of the worst protection you can ever have it blocks applications that are not in its safe list.

Recent Release: "v.35"





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