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I've been hacked! Can you help me? -- Oct 27 2010, 4:02 PM

If you are ever hacked or cannot access your account for whatever reason, please submit a ticket immediately.

When writing your ticket, please include the following information.

  1. Your username. (Also known as your account name.)
  2. The full name that you registered with.
  3. The location that you registered with.
  4. The email that you registered with.
  5. The names of characters that were on your account.
  6. The names of any other accounts (usernames) that you own.

Be sure to explain the whole situation in full detail. If the hacker changed your password, please state your last password. If the hacker did not change your password, please tell us if your character is still there, and if it was deleted or not.

If the hacker steals your gold or items, the Head Moderator, Otakulove, will try her best to recover them, but she cannot recover your items, you cannot have new items spawned for you. Keep in mind that your character can be recovered, but only if the hacker did not delete it.